WaterHunk Multi 3 pcs. (gay box)

WaterHunk Multi 3 pcs. (gay box)

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WaterHunk is a sex aid for gay men

An artificial anus to be filled with hot water

Content: 3 pieces WaterHunk - WaterGlide - Instructions for use

WaterHunk Description

WaterHunk is a sex aid for gay men,
produced of eco-friendly polyethylen.

WaterHunk is a masturbatory aid for men,
to be filled with hot water (at 37 ),
giving that true anal feeling.

WaterHunk should only be used once, and thrown
away after use, making it a very hygienic product.

WaterHunk is patented and produced in
Denmark by Dansex Production ApS.

Directions for use

Open up WaterHunk

Pour a very small amount of WaterGlide into
the "anus", around 2 ml. or 1 teaspoon

Make sure that the lube completely lubricates the entire inside
of the "anus", you can eventually use 2 fingers to press down

Turn WaterHunk upside down and fill gently with water approx. 37°,
let the water flow slowly to avoid creating air bubbles in the bag!

Place some WaterGlide on your penis and
you are ready for a wonderful experience

After use, puncture, empty and thrown away the bag
(try not to use the toilet for this)

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